The Alchemist: Exploring a recipe for happiness

February 21, 2016

The Alchemist: Exploring a recipe for happiness.

It’s nearly March and for the first time in my life, I haven’t drafted up the “proverbial” list of goals to achieve this year: increase my business income by 30%, increase my retirement contributions by 20%, lose those extra 10 pounds, commit to working out at the gym, sign up for that sculpting class, etc. The list goes on; you know the drill.

I’ve always been goal driven. It gives me a sense of purpose, knowing I’m working towards improving my life on all fronts. But this year is different. I’ve been feeling a subtle and yet profound transition building deep within me, a yearning for change, and yet I have no clear direction. This is a new feeling for me. Life has always presented challenges I’ve had to overcome. I’ve always had a direction; even if it was set on what I had to do to move beyond these challenges. I feel lost, wandering with no clear sight of a horizon.  How could this be at my age? I should be fully realized, right?

And so, feeling uncertain of my future and doubtful of my own power to create, Eryn and I consulted with our board members today for insight. Khaled, knowing me well, made the insightful distinction between my ‘being open and allowing,’ and ‘fear,’ which I didn’t realize was holding me back. He also explained about how one can take an active part in manifesting reality, even without knowing for certain what you want to create. Yes, we are all alchemists of our own lives and the magic of creation is ours, if we wish. Gather your ingredients and follow your own recipe for happiness!

My warrior, my shield maiden.Khaled: It is time, dear one, for you too to realize purpose. We feel a certain resistance to moving into this next phase you see; you perceive this to be a void in an otherwise hurdle-filled life. Now there are no more hurdles to climb over, no battlements to rail against. Disregard this misconception, my warrior, my shield maiden, you are now exploring rather the existence of the alchemist and now the question is what shall I create? Shall we begin?

Elena: Absolutely!  I’m ready!

Khaled: Yes! Huzzah! With giving this project the honour it deserves, as all alchemists must do, nothing can be created from nothingness. Alchemy operates upon the principle that to create something, one cannot cull from nothingness. This is true, for creation always requires energy, the spark of creation.

Now you, dear alchemist, must set aside your ingredients. Now, you must follow the recipe of your own happiness. This requires intent. It requires mindfulness. You can not merely gather ingredients with the expectation that they will come together without you, that something can become without you creating it. Do you understand this?

Elena: Absolutely. But for once in my life, I’ve been trying to not control and to be open to whatever presents itself …

You are now exploring rather the existence of the alchemist and now the question is what shall I create? Shall we begin?

Khaled: Yes! But we also know that a part of you knows what is fear and what is unwillingness to control. We also know that your hesitation is not knowing with concreteness what it is you want to create. We say, pretend that you are merely following a recipe for happiness, this magical recipe is different for everyone and looks different in many different realities. We will help you define this recipe and, if you wish, you can help create it with trust that what you are creating will fulfill this perceived void with only the greatest joy and happiness.

Elena: Thank you, that’s beautiful. So you will work with me in time?

Khaled: Yes, now. Let us meet for further council in our usual place.

Elena: Thank you.

Khaled: We also wish that you, Eryn, also embrace this for you. This is the most joyous and powerful manner in manifesting reality. And you are no exception to such magic. We honour you all with gratitude and love for your intentful and expansive spirits. Much love! Goodbye.