Who We Are

We are a mother-daughter team currently residing in Southern California, sharing our passion for spirituality and personal growth.

About Elena

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, owning several companies including a consultancy for the past 25 years. I am also a mother of two adult children whom I raised on my own. My interest in spirituality began at an early age. I was brought up in a strict religious family, but became disillusioned with organized religion as I matured and began to search inward. My journey eventually led me to Reiki. I studied and received my second degree in the Usui System of Reiki Healing during years of practice. I continued deepening my understanding of ‘self’ through meditation, silent retreats, family constellation work and channeling, which I began studying several years ago. My strong relationship with spirit has created profound shifts in all aspects of my life. And I’ve enjoyed sharing my path with those in my inner circle when they’ve asked about the transformation they’ve seen in me. But it is through my practice in channeling that I have been inspired to share with others and start an important conversation about how together we can begin to create a new paradigm for humanity.


About Eryn

I am a twenty-five year old aspiring story-teller and currently work in entertainment. I am passionate about history, art, and philosophy. I was first initiated into Reiki’s Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage at the age of fifteen as a level-one practitioner. I first began channeling with the intention to access more self love for personal growth, but what I actually discovered was my own unique connection to spirit, my voice and my value. I’ve been channeling now for more than two years and my life has improved in many unexpected ways. I hope that sharing my experiences will inspire my peers to connect, see their unlimited potential and transform their lives.



Gaining greater clarity.About Channeling

We decided to study channeling as a path to personal growth. What is channeling? It is a natural form of communication with divine beings and non-physical, multidimensional consciousness. It is focused on accessing higher knowledge in order to support spiritual growth and to gain greater clarity about one’s life. We both study under the guidance of Shawn Randall, regarded as one of the foremost teachers of channeling in the nation. The process asks of the channel self awareness, self love, self responsibility, and deep compassion.





About The Board

We were introduced to the board through our study of channeling, as another instrument to communicate with our guides and other enlightened and loving beings. With many misperceptions about the board, we feel it is important to share the approach or method we use each time we consult with our board and hopefully help demystify the many theories [and fear] surrounding it. This method is the same one we learned in channeling, after months of study and personal growth.

Living life with purpose and joy.Our Method: We initiate each session on the board with an intention and invocation, establishing a surrounding resonance of light and love. Our intention is always to gain greater understanding of ourselves, situations in our personal lives, and matters pertaining to humanity that will foster illumination and transcendence for the highest good of all. We invoke our guides and only beings of this same resonance to share with us their wisdom, and above all, love. Intention, invocation, and a higher resonance of love is the essential foundation needed here. You can read more about our method in our very first post.

The use of the board is not a game. We approach it with great reverence and respect, as anyone one would do with prayer. Our experience has been one of profound connection to spirit and unconditional love. And the benefits have been many: It has opened our self awareness, elevated our discernment, allowed us to view our world from a higher perspective, and helped us embrace more love and compassion for ourselves and others. In short, we are living our lives with more purpose and joy!