Interview with Khaled: The white elephant

September 12, 2015

Interview with Khaled: The white elephant

It was the very first time Eryn and I met him, our dear friend Khaled. He walked into our lives one Saturday morning, when Eryn and I were steeped in discussion about the strife in the Middle East. Unbeknownst to us, it would become the first of many delightful, philosophical conversations with Khaled and other friends. It was the day Khaled planted the seed for this blog and, for me personally, the beginning of what would become a deeper relationship with Khaled through my practice of channeling.

And so I want to share several of our early conversations with Khaled in this three-part series. He sprinkles throughout our conversation information about his origins, current interests and purpose. He talks about how we can begin a social movement and make a difference. He later shares his perspective on reincarnation and offers up a quantum explanation about the mechanics of using “the board” for inter-dimensional communication. We hope you enjoy these conversations; perhaps you’ll learn a new perspective or become inspired!

Demystifying the board

But first, let’s address the white elephant in the room: the use of “the board.” With many misperceptions about the board, I feel it is important to share the approach or method we use each time we consult with our board and hopefully help demystify the many theories [and fear] surrounding it. This method is the same one we learned in channeling, after months of study and personal growth.

Only up to recent years, the thought of me using “the board” to communicate with enlightened and loving beings in other realms would have been impossible. After all, I have always been a very pragmatic, rational and contemplative person. I do not believe everything I read nor do I believe just anything I am told. Those closest to me would concur: I ask a lot of questions! It’s true. It’s part of my nature. And while I have an insatiable curiosity, I also have an equally insatiable commitment to integrity and truth—what is true to me.

I was raised like many to believe that the board was a portal to uninvited, mischievous and perhaps dark spirits. This belief was reinforced over the years by Hollywood. But I can say unequivocally and with all my heart, I have never experienced such a profound connection to spirit and unconditional love. It has opened my self awareness, helped me let go of old wounds, and embrace more love and compassion for myself and others. I’ve gained a far greater appreciation for our uniqueness and physical experience as humans. And every aspect of my life has improved, from personal and business relationships to living with purpose and joy.

So let us begin, shall we?

The two I's: Intention & Invocation.The two I’s: Intention & Invocation

As we were taught to do, we initiate each session on the board with an intention and invocation, establishing a surrounding resonance of light and love. Our intention is always to gain greater understanding of ourselves, situations in our personal lives, and matters pertaining to humanity that will foster illumination and transcendence for the highest good of all. We invoke our guides and only beings of this same resonance to share with us their wisdom, and above all, love.

We place three fingers from each hand lightly on the planchette, the instrument that identifies the letters and punctuation on the board [we actually added punctuation to our board and devised our own planchette using a blank CD lined with four small felt pads, which seems to work quite well!] Sometimes instantly and other times within a minute or two, the planchette begins to move and the conversation begins.

Intention, invocation, and a higher resonance of love is the essential foundation needed here. For us, it created a vortex of energy in our home that we would soon learn [much to our surprise] had become the “new hot spot in the spirit-space continuum!”

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