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Our Board Members

To honor the contributions of our board and provide you with a better sense of their essence as non-physical consciousness, we asked each of our board members to offer something about themselves. Marguerite stressed the importance that we highlight the collaborative nature of the board. She also added, “We are not humans, and as such, our ‘identities’ as you know them are less important than the love we have to share with this [our] reality.” And so here are phrases they use that resonate with their consciousness:



We are brother-lover-friend. We thrive in the honest joy and smiles of our channel and of her brothers and sisters. We walk beside you in the endless realities of existence. Forever.




We are the servant to the infinite sway. Consciousness that is the material energy of love. We sway, and so we are.





Arrows flying straight. Light, rippling through darkness. We pierce. We illuminate. From our center, strength. We are the feminine principle. Paradigm. Friend. Protector. Sister. Forever.





I am infinite love. The universe within vibrating. Expansion beyond expectation. Come realize your exalted beauty. Infinitum.




I am Khaled, know me in the light. Eternal honour guard of light, I serve humanity in joy and wisdom. As you are, I honor you. As I am, I salute you, in your great divinity and creatorship. I have had many lives on the human planet and although I have not incarnated for some time, I have a beautiful respect, fondness, and interest in human evolution. I am an aspect of a great consciousness of compassion currently at work in the energetic journey of the collective in the Middle East. This is a prior soul agreement.