Co-creation (and creativity) in action

March 25, 2016

Co-creation (and creativity) in action.

Our board may be viewed by some as atypical, we admit. There is no dissemination of documents or an agenda [albeit, we often do assign action items!] But we hold ourselves to some conventionalities. Our board is governed by the powers, duties, and responsibilities of, let’s just say, our bylaws of the highest consciousness. And when it comes to important matters, such as the idea of this blog, we confer with our board of advisors for their vote.

So in the spirit of transparency, we share an example of our “board meeting minutes,” and in doing so, hope you are entertained by the collaborative and joyful process we had in co-creating this blog. [Saatchi & Saatchi would be envious of the creativity at display here!]

Marguerite: Dear ones, we embrace you in infinite light. We are here. It is Marguerite.

[Marguerite moves the planchette in patterns of “8”—what we have come to know represents ‘infinity’—as we enjoy following her in this resonance.]

Marguerite: This is where you create magic. Where realities, consciousness, time, space, love, and light converge—a convergence—the convergence between your two souls.

Elena: Yes! Thank you, Marguerite! So, should we start by explaining the intention of today’s board session?

Marguerite: Certainly!

Eryn: As you are well aware, we’ve been contemplating sharing our board sessions and selected channeling with the world, and we wanted to consult with you, as our “board members.” We want to honor you, your messages, and the intent of this blog, and determine who is interested in participating.

Elena: Yes, we wanted to get a vote from all of you and ask who would like to participate. Would you?

We say only this—as you embark on this endeavor, have only for your compass your higher self present. As with all things in life, form will follow this resonance.

Marguerite: Indeed. Although we feel that such formal queries are not necessary. For all is intent. Those who wish to share in this context and in this resonance of the board will be inclined to participate and those who would prefer their messages private will either choose to not participate or state their intent on the onset. As for us, we, known as Marguerite, will come for our channel and those who would like to engage. So, in short, yes.

Elena: We were questioning the look and feel of the blog, the fact that we would like it to have a broader appeal…

Marguerite: We say only this—as you embark on this endeavor, have only for your compass your higher self present. As with all things in life, form will follow this resonance.

Elena: So, do you have any ideas in terms of a name that would be fitting for such a blog? Can you think about it?

Marguerite: No pressure!  [After a long pause, she replies] We favor “The Convergence,” but we also pose that more ideas can be culled from prior sessions.

Elena: Yes, and we should definitely include the infinity symbol somewhere.

Marguerite: Yes! Yes! Yes! And, yes!

Elena: I love that…’The Convergence” is beautiful. So what else did we want to ask Eryn?

Eryn: How frequently should we post?

Marguerite: Start small dear dreamers.

Elena: So are you saying weekly is too much?

Marguerite: No. But this work, in order to maintain its integrity and resonance, must flow and exist without stress and obligation. This must be guided by joy. We sense you knew this but we had to also underline its importance.

Elena: Yes, thank you for the reminder.

Eryn: Should this be limited to just our board sessions or do we share our own channeling, written or vocal. How do we bridge that?

Marguerite: Dearest, as long as you are comfortable, we invite you to share this with all who would listen. Joyfully and unafraid!

Elena: We feel it would be important to provide context to the blog. Should we include something about each one of you?  So, for example, when we post a session, we would include your name as the author?

Love manifest in consciousness.Marguerite: You may, but it is equally important to highlight the collaborative nature of the board. We are not humans and as such our “identities” as you know them are less important than the love we have to share with this reality. We can provide you with a phrase that resonates with our consciousness.

Eryn: I like that.

Elena: So do I.  So Marguerite, what would be your phrase?

[She thinks as she makes circular movements on the board.]

Marguerite: “Infinite love. The universe within vibrating. Expansion beyond expectation. Come realize your exalted beauty. Infinitum.”

Elena: That’s beautiful. And, do we describe you as a spiritual being? A spiritual being with infinite love and light?

Marguerite: We are conscious love.

Elena: So this is better than saying “a being.”

Marguerite: Love manifest in consciousness.

Eryn: Thank you!

-Khaled now joins in on the conversation.-

Elena: So, we’re assuming you agree with Marguerite?

Khaled: Yes. We are a collective in this context.

Elena: Perfect. So Khaled, what would you like us to share about you?

Khaled: “I am Khaled, know me in the light. Eternal honour guard of light, I serve humanity in joy and wisdom. As you are, I honor you. As I am, I salute you, in your great divinity and creatorship.”

Elena: Thank you. Do you have anything to add?

Khaled: Yes. “We will say that we have had many lives on the human planet and although we have not incarnated for some time, we have a beautiful respect, fondness, and interest in human evolution.”

Elena: Did you want to share anything about your role as a spiritual aide worker in the Middle East?

Khaled: “I am an aspect of a great consciousness of compassion currently at work in the energetic journey of the collective in the Middle East. This is a prior soul agreement.”

Elena: Would you like us to share this verbatim?

Khaled: You may, we trust your judgment with respect to what is shared.

Elena: Okay. Thank you. So do you have any other ideas of names? Marguerite had suggested “The Convergence.”

Khaled: We prefer ‘The Convergence’ to others, ‘Salon Infinitum’ or ‘The Board.’

Elena: Oh, I kind of like ‘Salon Infinitum,’ it sounds like a parlor….

Khaled: Posh!

Eryn: Yes…very elegant!

[We laugh.]

Elena: Okay, so that’s two for ‘The Convergence.’

Eryn: I guess those were the other ideas you were kicking up, up there?

Khaled: Yes, ‘up here!’

We invite you to consider that the purpose of this [the blog] is not only to share the information, but to become a teacher. Not the sage who has reached his apex of mastery, but he who learns eternal—these teachers are the most profound.

Elena: There’s so much wisdom that all of you have shared with us, it seems an injustice to hold it to ourselves, which is why we wanted to share it with everyone. Do you have any other perspectives about our intention with this blog?

Khaled: Dear one, we invite you to welcome your many profound talents here and be not afraid of others perceived perceptions of you. You are perfection held in our eyes. Always.

We invite you to consider that the purpose of this [the blog] is not only to share the information, but to become a teacher. Not the sage who has reached his apex of mastery, but he who learns eternal—these teachers are the most profound.

The consciousness you know to be Jesus, was one such a teacher. He inspires not because he was the son of god and god incarnate, no, he was but a man who uncovered in a new context a great truth, that all that is divine and that each human, each life, is a divinity on to this earth, magnificent in the capacity to know of himself, of others and of all the love that truly exists. Know this, Elena, and know that you are regarded with equal respect.

Elena: I am honored. Thank you, Khaled!

-Arad now joins the board and our conversation.-

Arad: Greetings! Good evening, good day, and good life to you all! I am Arad.

Elena: So, we’re asking each of you… [he doesn’t let me finish]

Arad: Let’s hop to it then!

[We both laugh.]

Eryn: Do you get it? It’s because it’s Easter weekend.

Elena: That’s right! You all will have to join us on an Easter egg hunt tomorrow!

Arad: We shall observe your celebration of life with joy.

Elena: Yes, thank you.

Eryn: So we’re gathering short descriptions for this project and however you wish to describe yourself is welcomed.

Arad: “We are brother-lover-friend. We thrive in the honest joy and smiles of our channel and of her brothers and sisters. We walk beside you in the endless realities of existence. Forever.”

24e3b966debff6ebef036337b1038b99Elena: Very nice. So that’s your description complete?

Arad: Yes.

Elena: Wonderful, so… (I was going to get Arad’s vote on the name of the blog, but he concurred before I could even ask.)

Arad: Hear, hear! (We laugh at this expression commonly used in the British Parliament.)

Elena: Yes, so ‘The Convergence’ then? Any other suggestions?

Arad: The ‘Salon of the Seventh Chakra’!

[We laugh as we realize he was playing off the name of a local  holistic, organic restaurant.]

Arad: We can open next door!

Elena: Competition!

Arad: ‘For your macrobiotic soul!’

Elena: Seriously, that’s so creative. I’m impressed, that’s amazing. You must have been a creative writer. [Arad admits he was a painter too.]

Elena: Okay, so we have your description and new information from you, and a very clever side business! Maybe we should share recipes…

Eryn: Yes, and a sidebar about art…we’ll call it the “Salon of the Seventh Chakra…by invitation only!”

[After this quite long yet delightful creative exchange, we parted.]

Arad: Our love, of course. Goodbye.



Our action items? Schedule a second meeting to consult with our other board members, design a logo, purchase a domain, choose a good WordPress template, always maintain integrity and a higher resonance, and, above all, be guided by joy!


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