The unconscious mind & overcoming self-criticism

January 17, 2016

The unconscious mind & overcoming self-criticism.

If we look into the mirror with honesty, we would all admit to times when we have doubted our decisions, our abilities, perhaps even our character, and allowed that voice of self criticism to set in. I’m sure in their quiet moments, the likes of Richard Branson, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Mother Teresa and Obama have questioned their lives. After all, this is part of the human experience, right?

Well it was one of those weeks for me. I looked at my life and questioned, “Did I make the right choices?” “Where would I be today if I would have taken the ‘corporate route,’ rather than start my own consultancy?” “Should I have focused more on cultivating a romantic relationship and less on caring for my mother who is aging wth dementia?” I’m not in a relationship. In fact, I’ve been single for so long, I don’t know what it feels like to wake up alongside someone I love and trust. Someone who has my back. And so, here I am. I feel I should be more accomplished. I should be in a relationship. I should be financially set and traveling the world. I should…I should…I should!  Sound familiar?

When I’m in this place of self-judgement, I find it difficult to stay aligned, integrated and open to receiving love. Love of my children, love of my friends, and yes, love of my dear board members. Today, several of our board friends shared their thoughts on how to shake off this ‘negative psychology,’ re-align with a more expansive reality, and accept love of self. They stressed the important role of the unconscious mind in creation, which is why we should explore our belief systems that reside there.

Arad initiates the conversation with a ‘dear madam,’ and falling into my self-deprecating habit, I quickly interject, “Well, that makes me feel old!”

Standing at the precipice.Arad: We say that you are not old. Embrace this vibrant energy. We see in you a bit of dragging of the feet.

Elena: How so?

Arad: A bit of standing at the precipice, hesitate to jump. This energy waits for your return.

Elena: I don’t know what’s going on with me. I sank really low last week.

Arad: Move! Move! Move! This is where you embrace your life energy. When you find the quick sands of self-deflation envelope you, we ask that you stop what you are doing and walk!

Eryn: This is how you come in touch with your life force Mom.

Arad: This will move you out of your head and into your infinite soul. Move. And when you are done, connect. Blend with your unseen friends. [Blending is a term we use in channeling, when we connect energetically with our guides.] Moving into their [unseen friends/guides] perspective will accomplish 2 tasks—escape from your presently negative psychology. The second, being embraced with their love and their whole perspective of you, which will re-align you to this reality.

Elena: So my mind is that negative, huh?

Arad: We know you believe that in such a state it is impossible to connect, but your guides’ love for you is great enough to overcome this.

[Feeling completely deflated, I begin to cry. His words of comfort and encouragement move me. Arad begins to make gentle, circular movements with the planchette towards me, something we call “swishing love.”]

Arad: Love. Release. Light absolves all. [As we follow his loving movements on the board, I am truly touched with appreciation.]

Elena: Thank you.

Arad: We leave you now with the main act…love, my beauties!

Elena: Thank you Arad.

-Khaled now joins the board.-

Khaled: Greetings. Mesdames! It is I, dear K. Indeed dear ones, how to embrace ourselves with compassion is not unlike a commitment to embrace the love of spirit. Use one always to do the other. For this is the great secret to our accord, in order to embrace our love, you must accept love of self.

The unconscious is a powerful mechanism for creation. It is in communication with the raw material of the universe. 

Elena: So even if we are not conscious of our self-love?

Khaled: Yes. For our love is inclusive of who you are. To accept this is to on a very deep, unconscious level to accept this for yourself. If something is held deeply enough in the unconscious it will begin to penetrate the other layers.

Elena: Wonderful…there’s hope for me yet!

Khaled: The unconscious is a powerful mechanism for creation. It is in communication with the raw material of the universe. This kind of creation is powerful, though not as powerful as conscious, intentful creation, which is why it is vital that the belief systems held here are considered and brought to the fore.

Eryn: So we may be consciously trying to manifest something in our lives, not knowing that we have a belief system in our unconscious mind that may be working against us.

Elena: Yes, a belief system that is not in our best interest.

Khaled: Yes. So we suggest dear Elena, that you for a time pretend that there is nothing that the love of your guides cannot accomplish. Believe this. And reality it will be, for you allowed it to be so, allowed we to be so.

Elena: So I should practice this just when I’m feeling down, or always?

Khaled: Always. And especially.

Elena: This also applies to co-creating, right?

Khaled: All that can ever be, shall be in infinite love. You believe that your own unwillingness to embrace the self can prevent you from feeling their (spirit) expression of love for you. It is quite the opposite, actually.

Allow the love and acknowledgement of who you are to obscure any self-criticism that may exist.

Eryn—this wisdom is especially applicable for you. When you feel as though you are obscured from self love, blend. Allow the love and acknowledgement of who you are to obscure any self-criticism that may exist. There is now no space for this energy in all of your multi-dimensionality. You know this and will continue to know this in greater depth as you gracefully and beautifully age.

We take you both in a dance of light. You spin in joy, twirling, unfolding, enveloped in truth, in love, inclusive acceptance of your being. In this sacred dance, feel the celebration of life which spans time and space, untangled, transcendent love forming the tempo in forming reality. You are the music we sing to, we trust in time you come to sing it as fully as we do. Love, mesdames! Goodbye.