Broadening our perspective beyond political rhetoric & propaganda

August 9, 2020

The importance of using our inner wisdom & discernment.

We are in month 6 of COVID. Nearly 170,000 people1 have lost their lives to coronavirus and many more have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families. During this time, the issue of systemic racism and police violence has risen from street protests to a national debate in our country. And, we are less than 90 days away from a presidential election amidst a pandemic.

Regardless of how we each view our current state of affairs, it is reasonable to say, we have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime.

Are we choosing to listen to only those who confirm our current beliefs–perhaps motivated out of fear–or the view of our political party instead of listening to our own inner wisdom, our own critical thinking and our own personal values? Are we using discernment and responsibility in the information we share? Are we guided by compassion and unity or by divisiveness and self interest?

These questions came up for us when our guides joined us on the board today to share a message for us all. Few times have our guides been this direct and intentional on delivering a specific message to humanity, and in particular today, Americans. And so we share this message of portent with you.

We ask that you keep in mind that the perspective of our guides are above political, religious, racial, economic differences and any other “human constructs” that divides us. They speak for our highest collective good.

We know our guides had so much more to say, so please stay posted for more! We welcome your thoughts and feedback as we open this dialogue.

1 168,696 according to the CDC at the time this was written.

Aurelia: Aurelia here this day. Greetings dear friends, embraced are you in this wonderful celebration of union between you both. 

Aurelia: Being joined by Marguerite…hold. [Aurelia pauses because Marguerite is joining her.]

Aurelia/Marguerite: Connected. First, a message for you and your fellow Americans. Spirit comes to you today with observations & an invitation to observe the social & political undercurrents which are largely going undeterred at this time. We observe the very calculated apathy towards your current health crisis as a riptide for democratic intentions—not political affiliation—a precarious development towards authoritarianism. 

Elena: Who is behind this undercurrent…is there a particular person, party or group behind this?

Aurelia/Marguerite: At this moment it is a cult of fear that many are electing to participate in, actively, a concerted group within your republican party, though not the entire party itself—aided by and benefactors in the international political theater, deeply entrenched financial institutions are involved, even those in your democratic party who could financially gain. 

Elena: Is Trump aware of this?

Aurelia/Marguerite: Yes.

Aurelia/Marguerite: We ask that you broaden your perspective beyond political rhetoric & propaganda which is actively being disseminated online anonymously by governmental affiliates. Discernment! (Meaning, we must use discernment!)

We ask that you broaden your perspective beyond political rhetoric & propaganda which is actively being disseminated online anonymously by governmental affiliates.

Elena: So, how worried should we be that we’re headed towards authoritarian rule here in the states?

Aurelia/Marguerite: Spirit is deeply concerned for those in fear.

Elena: Are we headed towards a major crisis that is going to shift our way of life beyond what we’re experiencing now…like a global financial crash, a revolution, mass riots, violence in the streets?

Aurelia/Marguerite: The sublimation of power that we are viewing energetically is unlike anything that you have seen. It is quiet, it is thoughtful, it is idealistic & it is patient—a sublimation by way of a thousand cuts. This is expert manipulation at work, misdirection, a very conscious pushing of boundaries. 

Elena: Yes, it doesn’t want to be noticed…it’s like the “slow boil.”

Eryn: Yes, and it’s expert manipulation that is happening.

Elena: I understand that you don’t want us to ask for specifics about who is responsible for this, but…

Aurelia/Marguerite: We shall clarify—there is a misinformation campaign, regarding COVID this is a very dangerous pandemic, yet it is being weaponized to sew discontent by downplaying the crisis. Shifting a very important conversation about bodily autonomy—liberty—by focusing on mask mandates & economic impact—distracting from the issue—the right of all individuals to health and not needing to choose between health & the right to live and economic security. This is the choice that you have been offered, a false dichotomy which should raise alarm despite politics.

Elena: To be clear, COVID is not made up, correct?

Aurelia/Marguerite: Yes.

Elena: And they are not exaggerating about it?

Aurelia/Marguerite: The only conspiracy is to convince others that it is not real.

The only conspiracy is to convince others that it is not real.

Elena: So that is a reality; that is happening. We are obviously being affected economically here in this country. And now we have this other narrative creating a distraction for us and…

Aurelia/Marguerite: We interject, that your economic impact is a reflection of the health of the system itself. COVID in this way is a perfect example. Those who do not care for their health, the wellness of their parts, or are reckless with their bodies, are susceptible to the disease & are impacted greater…your economic system is no different.

Eryn: So they are using the immune system as a metaphor of our economic system. Is that what you’re saying?

Aurelia/Marguerite: Yes.

Eryn: Because our economic system isn’t taking care of its parts, when we get hit by a pandemic, then our economic system tanks…it’s incredibly fragile…it may even be reckless.

Elena: Okay, I suppose the next question is advice as to what we can do on a personal level and … what can we do in a larger way?

Aurelia/Marguerite: You can do! Spiritually, you must embrace the energy of the white blood cell-the “t” cell. This is a vigilant and discerning consciousness not informed by fear, but informed by service, strength & compassion. This energy of fear is working its way through your society, dismantling its structural integrity like an AIDS virus. 

Elena: I understand that and we can do that by connecting with you, doing WIYS (somatic coaching), in meditation, being mindful… 

Aurelia/Marguerite: But my dears, you, like the valiant white blood cell, must also act.

Elena: What specifically can we do? What does “act” mean to you?

[We sensed that Aurelia/Marguerite were conferring with our other guides who were present. Meanwhile, we discussed what we could do on a larger scale.  Eryn also explained how Aurelia/Marguerite used the AIDS virus as a metaphor. Eryn described how the AIDS/HIV works, how it latches on to our cell receptors, how it injects itself in the part of the cell responsible for issuing genetic information…right into the DNA fabrication and that is how it propagates itself. That’s why it’s been difficult for doctors to synthesize a way to fight it because it is an autoimmune disease. The white cells start attacking itself because it doesn’t know how to recognize the disease. It’s completely disguised in our system. Eryn connected a line between this and to what Aurelia/Marguerite were saying about this fear based virus that is coming in, quietly dismantling the structural integrity of our society and how we don’t see it happening because we’re distracted by misinformation.  Aurelia/Marguerite return.]

Elena: Welcome back!

Aurelia/Marguerite: We turn this to you—what do you possess that can take action?

Elena: Do you want to go first? (to Eryn)

Eryn: We’re talking about how a lot of us know about emotional intelligence, but many of us are not taught discernment as a skill set. This is what we developed in channeling…maybe there’s something in that…how do we help others discover that…developing discernment. Perhaps this is something I can explore … is there a way to teach discernment. People are not taught how to critically think and how to recognize false arguments. I took a logic class in college…It helps you understand the straw man argument and other fallacies that exist…because how do we spot propaganda if we don’t have discernment. So what is that for you?

Elena: We could post this message on our blog. Perhaps parts of this message on Twitter and Facebook. Or would that be counterproductive? So many are closed to reading anything beyond the beliefs they have formed…much which have been influenced by outside sources rather than their internal wisdom and values. I suppose if the message reaches some people…that would be helpful. Since I facilitate WIYS (somatic coaching), I could work with people in overcoming their fear or perhaps embodying their strong, energetic immune system…their ‘t’ cell.

Aurelia/Marguerite (as a further suggestion of helping others): Spotting fear manipulation. It is a complex psychology that many encounter, limiting their experience of reality—an aspect of “self mastery”—nudge …nudge.

[“Self mastery” is what Elena has been working on as the foundation of her coaching practice.]

Elena: So you’re saying in my coaching for example?

Aurelia/Marguerite: No … group workshops.

Elena: Okay.

Aurelia/Marguerite: A lot of people in fear at this time, and you are fearless Elena!

Elena: Anything else more comes to your mind Eryn?

Aurelia/Marguerite: Point to the misinformation as you encounter it. Vote. Speak. Participate in distant protest, calling & email campaigns can be helpful.

Point to the misinformation as you encounter it. Vote. Speak. Participate in distant protest, calling & email campaigns can be helpful.

Elena: Are you talking about assisting with the coming elections?

Aurelia/Marguerite: Yes.

Elena: So is Biden then our man? 

Aurelia/Marguerite: We are not interested in your electoral processes in so far that they are fair and reflects your intention. We deliver this message to remind you that what you allow is also what you create. If you do not raise the alarm when your citizens are allowed to be detained or arrested unlawfully, your apathy becomes consent. Ask yourself—does the action perform compassion & unity? If it does not, it subverts the wellness of an individual to enrich the other…it is done with divisiveness & self interest. 

If you do not raise the alarm when your citizens are allowed to be detained or arrested unlawfully, your apathy becomes consent.

Aurelia/Marguerite: We leave you with this knowledge & affirmation of the spark of power & love within you…there is no space for fear. There is no game to lose. You are in this world together. There is enough because, you are each enough. Love.