A spiritual ‘Ted Talk’ for the dawning of a new decade

December 24, 2019

During a board session with our guides on December 20, Marguerite and Aurelia conveyed that Khaled would be holding a ‘spiritual forum’ on December 24 about the state affairs in the world and here in our country. Khaled is another guide that I channel. Both Eryn and I saw in our mind’s eye a forum similar to a ‘Ted Talk,’ with Khaled and other guest speakers. Eryn and I agreed to connect at 6 p.m. on December 24 from our respective homes and report back to each other about the information we respectively vocal channeled.

Below are the words I channeled from Khaled and others on December 24. In my experience, I perceived many other people like us who were ‘tuning in’ to this same forum.



We are gathered here today to speak of the blue planet.

Many of us here today have taken much interest in the turmoil that exists. This turmoil is the result of an awakening that is occurring on the planet…as people awaken, they see and listen on a new level. This stirs up much internally, and it is being played out globally with unrest.

It’s as if there is fire starting up in different parts of the planet. When one is subdued, another fire erupts elsewhere. But this fire cannot be contained. It will challenge each and every individual. Some in a real way, and others, in a more subtle way. But it is and will impact all human beings.

We are here today to speak about ushering in a new era of peace, guiding all those who find themselves in this conscious awareness to aid others.

In the United States in particular, there is a looming threat that is pervading all those living within its systemic boundaries. For you see, the very survival must touch upon all your countrymen…not all those who are poor or living on the streets. No. In order for there to be real change, this threat must shake everyone’s lives. And in this way, unite the country that has been divided.

Leadership will falter for they are not prepared for that which is coming. And this will bring about change in your leadership. But the country will unify under this common cause. It is this pervading threat that will unite all those who are so divided at this time.

And so my brothers and sisters, we must work quite diligently at this time to guide all of those who have influence…and to guide those who are earthly healers. Yes, our honor guards of light. Who will be part of this energetic force that will bring in systemic change?

We chose this date [December 24] with purpose for our earthly brothers and sisters who join us. It is on the eve of a grand tradition that reminds all of the importance of acts of kindness and charity, acts of love, and family and friendship. You are also closing out a decade and entering into a new decade of clarity of utmost importance for those who will speak the truth.

And so we ask if you are willing to join us in sending enlightenment and healing energy so that people will see their true essence. Join us in sending them purpose. Send this to all those who are in positions of influence…world leaders, those in your local politics, in your national politics, those who speak the news, those who write the news, pastors and ministers, yes, even your artists. All those who have influence on the general masses.

Your participation is of utmost importance. Your role is very valuable in this effort to bring about change, to help those who are in positions of influence to connect with their resonance…to facilitate a closer relationship with their higher selves..so that they may see a glimmer of truth and bring about solutions that will exist for the good of all, not the few.

You see they are seeds that have all been planted in crusted earth, dry and thirsty for water. They are wilting, they are drying up in despair and helplessness and powerlessness, all which cloud their judgment. You are at a critical time, indeed.

The more you try to extinguish the “fires” we speak of, the more they will erupt. So it is necessary to allow the fires to burn out and turn to ashes so that new life may begin. We are using this as metaphor. We are speaking of a part of humanity that is searching for higher meaning, searching for answers. Let us work together in bringing about a peaceful change. We thank you for joining us on this eve and now we introduce another consciousness that wishes to speak.

I come with no name for I am pure consciousness. I have been around for centuries and centuries. I come from another world, not local to your planet. And I come to say that this is achievable. It is possible. Do not fall into hopelessness when you begin to see all that is arising. Stay true to yourself; know in your very being that this is a necessary part of your evolution … as in all species.

We see the human race as it extracts all the resources from Mother Earth as leeches sucking her dry. And Mother Earth will do what is needed. She wants to shake and flick off the leeches from her surface so that she can thrive once again.

She (Mother Earth) will prevail. She always has. And so if mankind seeks to continue living a physical life, this partnership will be quite necessary. She is asking for this partnership. She is asking for gratitude of all those who live on and within her.

May this be another joint intention, for together you may create a blanket of consciousness over Mother Earth, so that mankind may too prevail in communion with her. This message comes from the wise ones from a different planetary system, one that is even more ancient than yours. And so we do speak from experience in these matters that are quite fundamental to your physical survival.

There are many intermediaries present who will be helping and assisting. And so we call upon all those who are conscious and who are aware of their multidimensionality, all the metaphysicians who can aid in this time of need.

And with this we bid you farewell. We shall part … always in love and light.


We see masses who put their faith in others…religious leaders and gurus.  While a good many have intentions that come from their heart, there are others who have intentions to seek power. This creates confusion, and for this reason, we see a blurring of lines between secular and religion [state and church].

We see religion becoming more actively a part of political systems, becoming one, rather than the separation that was once enjoyed and celebrated. This too will be a change, not that it hasn’t been working in the shadows. But it is coming out to the light. It is being seen by all others and this will create confusion, unrest and test the faith of so many.

Know that which lies ahead so you may focus your intentions on healing and to speak of another message: turn inward; do not look to others for that which you seek. Do not be led blindly as sheep.

Of course, we say there is a purposeful and necessary role for spiritual leaders. But what we ask is that you help others to see with discernment so that they can make well informed choices rather than be led blindly, putting their faith in others who may be leading for self interest and power in the name of “god the almighty.”

Rather, to use discernment in the words they choose to listen to and those whom they choose to follow. We ask that they search their hearts for their truth so that they may not be misled. It is a waste of time. It is a waste of lives…many lives.

You see this in the example of your leader, who has now risen to the ranks of a demigod and he is enjoying this quite so. This gives him the opportunity to build in crescendo a way to drown out the voices of others. And it is making many deaf.

Appeal to people’s hearts. For when you only appeal to their mind, their mind may falter. Discernment happens when the heart is involved. And so we depart with these words in the hopes that it informs you, so that it may guide your intentions of healing in this wonderful project that we are proposing to all those whom are in attendance today.