Has the wave of political manipulation and misinformation flung you into fear?

April 15, 2017

Has the wave of political manipulation and misinformation flung you into fear?


This week has been an important one considering recent events on the world stage: Rex Tillerson’s trip to Moscow and the mounting tension in US-Russia relations; the growing threat of North Korea and near provocation of war that prompted VP Pence’s visit to the region; and the U.S. attack on Isis in Afghanistan and missile strike in Syria.

Eryn and I talked about what these events are signaling for us as a nation and the potential impact on our lives. I’m sure many of you have too.

We even explored whether or not President Bashar al-Assad actually launched chemical weapons against his own people or if it was a ‘false-flag’ scheme to trigger U.S. intervention. And, we acknowledged that the question of deception surrounding Trump’s campaign and Russia remains unanswered.

Politics Fatigue Syndrome

It’s been exhausting trying to keep up with the constant flow of leaks, drama and bombshells, and to separate what is true from what is ‘fake’. I admit, I’ve grown weary and know there are many others who have too. In fact, NPR coined what seems to be plaguing millions in our country as ‘Politics Fatigue Syndrome.’ What are the major symptoms? Feelings of sheer exhaustion, disdain, and utter hopelessness for anything remotely related to politics!

Eryn and I wanted to find a remedy for this syndrome. How about a large dose of higher perspective from our board? We asked our board of advisors to address this chaos and our fatigue as a nation. Khaled joined us with his usual enthusiasm and descriptive way of communicating his message.

A Day At The Beach

He compares Americans to beachgoers, turning their backs to the large approaching wave of misdirection, manipulation and misinformation as they watch the shore, more concerned that someone will steal their belongings. In doing this, they are hit by the wave, sucked into its current and tumbled about in its tumult. [If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how it feels to be knocked down and swept in the force of a wave, fearing when you’ll be able to come up for air!]

As we are tumbled about, Khaled says we should not loose our personal power to desperation and fear, and to remember one thing: we are only in ‘waist deep water.’ He adds that the best way to rise above all the chaos or tumult is by standing up, finding firm ground and a firm sense of personal values with integrity and honesty. In this strength, we can then learn to not runaway in the face of great swells, but to ‘charge forth and dive into the waves.’

As all our spiritual guides do, he asks of us a higher way of thinking: to look beyond the surface and to stretch our perspective, which is often based on our limited belief systems and sense of powerlessness.

The Pursuit of Happiness

He opens our conversation by referring to the ‘absurdity’ coming from our executive branch as a calling for us to examine our American values and belief systems. He explains that a shift in our intention as a nation is needed and the key to this shift is found in our very own Declaration of Independence, which sets forth the principles of our Constitution: “the pursuit of happiness.” Although Khaled suggests it should read “pursuit of joy,” he defines the spirit of this statement to mean the elevation of all people.

Why? Because he questions how our society can truly know happiness or joy when we hold the belief that one can only gain happiness at the expense of another’s loss of it…that those who have wealth and power will never enjoy the freedom of joy as long as others are held in poverty and suppressed.

He makes the distinction that true pursuit of happiness and joy is not the physical attainment of ‘success,’ rather, it is purpose, it is relieving human suffering, and it is people coming together to affirm the dignity and light of all mankind.

The Constitution as a Persona

He suggests that we view our constitution as a living document that grows and evolves, just as the guiding principles of any healthy family system or structure, where members continually assess and change according to the evolving needs of the family unit and the happiness of all its members.

Khaled also points out how we view our governing groups as absolute and above reproach, and therefore advocates the family system as the best social structure to support our evolution and greatest potential. Not Authoritarianism. Not Socialism. Not even Democracy if we don’t continually question our governing body, political parties and values as a nation and evolve.

If, for just a moment, we considered our earth as our home that shelters us, our government as our own family unit that supports our pursuit of happiness, and our neighbor’s child as our own son or daughter, what decisions would we make as a nation? As mankind? What policies would we support at home and abroad? How would we choose to live our lives? Call me an idealist, but I don’t believe we should set our bar any lower. To do so would only sever us from our greatest potential.

As you read today’s transcript from our board session, you may find deeper meaning to the words or a different perspective than what I’ve summarized. I find there are always multiple layers to our guides’ insights and certain nuances that touch us in different ways. Wonderful! Our goal is to share this information and to start the conversation. We value each person’s perspective and invite you to share yours or how this may be meaningful to your life!



Khaled: Tada! My most cherished Mesdammes! We greet you with love and absurdity today as a reminder of an often silent calling of life—joy!

Elena: Absurdity? [thinking more about this, I continue…] Yes, I suppose there’s a lot of ‘absurdity’ in our current political discourse.

Khaled: If you were to announce to your society today that your single commitment was continually discovering and living with complete love and joy, you would likely be written off as being selfish and self-serving, and would be prepared to dodge stones…lest you throw stones!!!!

[Eryn and Elena laugh since this is an inside joke.]

Eryn: It would sound somewhat superficial in light of everything we’ve been discussing…

Khaled: But what does this truly say about the values of human society? It speaks of the broader belief system in the collective unconscious, one that which is committed to human suffering and human limitation, truly severing the collective from the divine potential…

Elena: Are you speaking to American society, world leaders, or to broader mankind?

Khaled: All! For in this particular case of the current executive branch in America, you can see how absurdity is serving as an investigator on the nature of human suffering and disconnection from the spirit of human divinity, dignity, and higher self.


The shift that must occur is present in the American constitution, it is ‘the pursuit of happiness,’ though we would amend it to read: ‘the pursuit of joy.’


It equally demonstrates the need to shift the intentionality of the American consciousness and the values contained therein. The shift that must occur is present in the American constitution, it is ‘the pursuit of happiness’, though we would amend it to read: ‘the pursuit of joy.’

For the attainment of joy is the pursuit of purpose, happiness, the expansion of the human mind, the alleviation of human suffering, the elimination of human limitation, whether personal or collective, and the union of peoples affirming the dignity and light of mankind. This is the pursuit of joy, and it is defined by the elevation of all peoples.

Elena: So are you saying that the constitution is a good document for our country?

Khaled: In spirit. But its meaning must be read beyond the parchment, quill and ink. It is a conscious intention, a spirit and persona given to the people to collaborate and co-create, and therefore the conversation on its defining operation must be met with awareness, responsibility and discernment.

In this, the spirit of the constitution encourages all Americans at this time in particular to engage with American values and belief patterns just as one would engage with spirit: always examining one’s pay-offs, baggage and fears. Acknowledging the possibility and necessity for growth and evolution.

Elena: Okay, so just as Eryn and I are always examining ourselves to grow and evolve as we engage you and our other spirit guides, so too should we as American do the same.

Khaled: It is the [American] belief that happiness is solely understood [as] the attainment of physically defined success. But this goal is a shallow font to draw from. In reality, how can your society know happiness or joy when the belief is [that] there isn’t enough happiness to be had by everyone? That you can only gain [happiness, financial wellbeing, abundance etc.] at the expense of another’s loss of it? In truth, the ‘highest’ among you will never find the freedom of joy when the ‘lowest’ among you suffer and are kept in the confines of poverty, contempt and subjugation.

In truth, the ‘highest’ among you will never find the freedom of joy when the ‘lowest’ among you suffer and are kept in the confines of poverty, contempt and subjugation.

Elena: So are you saying we should move toward socialism?

Khaled: No

Elena: So what do you feel is the best system of governance?

Khaled: It is the responsibility of the individual heart. Human discernment is the key.

Eryn: Do you mean that we should all self reflect and be discerning about our values and how we chose to live our lives?

Khaled: Yes. [Smile]

Elena: [Needing to recount our conversation…] Okay, so we started out talking about absurdity and what that’s reflecting about our values as a nation. We talked about our constitution as a “breathing” document and how we may need for it to grow and evolve, particularly as it pertains to our definition and understanding of “pursuit of happiness.” And, we are now considering what is the best type or form of governance…

Khaled: Ha! Spirit reviews human social structures—3 stars! [Khaled always interjects his sense of humor.]

Eryn: Okay, Stalinism?

Khaled: -1 million stars!

Eryn: So not a good social structure then, huh?!

Khaled: [Smile]

Elena: Do you feel democracy is the best social structure?

Khaled: The best social structure is human families. Humans concede, largely, the need to continually restructure the dynamics of the family system to evaluate the efficacy of it as it is conducive to the happiness of the individual. But governing groups are seen as being immutable, absolute and above reproach. Given this attitude, we advocate the family system as the best social structure to facilitate human evolution.

Elena: Can I ask a random question? Was Assad responsible for the chemical attack on his own people?

Khaled: Responsibility is a simplified claim for what is a complex collaboration between many world powers.

Elena: Yes…[Sensing he didn’t want to explain further or call out names, she asks…] Is there anything else that would be important for us, as Americans, to know or look into at this time? There seems to be so much deception. It’s as if we are all turned upside down and don’t know what to think anymore…

In the midst of misdirection and manipulation and misinformation, it is vital that all peoples, Americans in particular, to find firm grounding and firm sense of personal values—with integrity and honesty.

Khaled: In the midst of misdirection and manipulation and misinformation, it is vital that all peoples, Americans in particular, to find firm grounding and firm sense of personal values—with integrity and honesty.

We see your society and its members as beach-goers playing in waist deep water: their backs turned, focusing on the shore, watchful that their possessions are not stolen.

All the while, a large wave hits, knocking them off balance, drawing them into the tumbler of the wave’s belly. Twisted. Turned. Flung about. Eyes closed to the darkness beneath the waves.

Panic ensues, fear of entrapment and suffocation. The fear speaks: to flail and fight against the tumult. But the best course of action is to quell the fear and panic, to remember that you are in only waist deep. To extend the hands in firmness and touch the ground, to separate chaos into above and below. Then, grounding the legs firmly on solid earth to stand up. Only this way will you break surface, not loosing one’s creatorship to desperation and fear.


charge forth and dive into the waves

Stand, stand, and stand again, and in this strength, you can learn to face the sea and even in the face of great swells, you will learn not to run away, but charge forth and dive into the waves.

We leave this with you. Love. You are sacred. This fact, never forget. [Goodbye]