Our launch, our intention

October 13, 2016


We are truly excited to be launching our blog today, which includes a collection of many of the conversations we’ve had with our board members over the past year. At this auspicious moment, we held a special meeting with our board members—for the blog has truly been a co-creation with them.

For the first time, they came together as a ‘collective’ [vs individually], an energy quite distinct, yet a resonance which was familiar to us. Here we share their intention [and ours] for the blog and celebrate with much joy the launch of what we hope will be a platform to serve others. Yes, for the greatest good of all.





Such auspicious times ahead, we greet, in the Collective, you [Elena & Eryn] both in all your multidimensionality and offer an intention:


In light and love, in the infinite wisdom of spirit aligned with universal light, all that is in the highest order of resonance, spirit co-creates with human in opening a pathway to greater understanding, and love, and trust for the greater evolution of souls participating. All for the greatest good, may love and light permeate the words, the emotions expressed in the grand and mysterious communion between human and the divine. — The Convergence Collective