Scarcity: Mother nature suffers silently

August 8, 2017



In just the past two months, our spiritual guides have invited other ‘beings of light’ to join us on the board.  Eryn and I sensed there was a matter of urgency for on both occasions they have expressed concern and wanted to “bring a message to earth’s children.”  Back in June, Arpad spoke about mankind’s fear of “scarcity” and how it is impacting our planet. You can read about it here.

Today, we were joined with another new friend, Seriph. While I tried asking about the escalating threat of North Korea, his focus was also about fear of scarcity and how “mother nature suffers silently” for us. Note how he responds to my question about global warming as not being apocalyptic, but something we will view as change.

We found both Arpad’s and Seriph’s energy to be quite distinct from that of our guides. In particular, our conversation with Seriph, who describes himself as an “off-planet” being, was not as fluid, but equally powerful.

We share the transcript of our conversation with Seriph here and invite you to share your thoughts. Do you feel this fear of scarcity? How has this impacted your life? Does this message give you hope and empowerment?

As always, we welcome your comments below.

—Eryn and Elena



Being: Greetings.

Elena: Who is joining us now?

Being: Seriph

Eryn: Are you a new friend?

Seriph: Yes — [smile]

Elena:  Welcome.  Are you here with our guides, Khaled and Marguerite?

Seriph: By their grace.

Elena: Beautiful.  Welcome.  Do you have a message or purpose for coming today?

Seriph: To speak about the big blue planet.

Eryn: Thank you.

Seriph: When will the earth be enough?

Elena: Do you mean to say, when will we be satisfied and grateful for all that we have?

Seriph: Yes. What is missing?

Elena: Nothing should be missing.  Is that what you mean?

Seriph: [smile]

Elena: Are you an off-planet being?

Seriph: Yes.

Elena: Is there a name for your planet or planetary system?

Seriph: Non local association.

Eryn: Thank you.

Seriph: [smile]

Elena: Can you give us any insights about the current escalation between our country and North Korea?

Seriph: Intimacy between fear and control.

Elena: Indeed!

Seriph: Bodies of only flesh, the price placed only on the corpses of trees. Our dear life givers [mankind], do you not see that you are light itself?

So obstinate in your [mankind’s] insisted wounded ego. You are like two men bickering over the helm of a ship riddled with holes.

Elena: Can you please explain more what you mean by the first part of your message?

Seriph: Difficult to express. We are image oriented.

[A few minutes pass by before he continued, as if he was trying to better tune in to our type of language.]

Seriph: Your mother nature suffers silently for you.

Elena: She does, doesn’t she…

Seriph: So obstinate in your [mankind’s] insisted wounded ego. You are like two men bickering over the helm of a ship riddled with holes.

Eryn: Do you refer to all of humanity?

Seriph: Yes. It is seeded from an internalized perception of lack, but dear light seeds, you are whole, you are complete, you are enough. We ask you to see that when you feel as if you are not enough, you create space for fear.

Elena: Is there hope for us?

Seriph: Yes. For you can learn to swim, and if not, you’ll realize you can fly.

Elena: About global warming — are we past the point of no return?

Seriph: You will not see apocalypse, but merely view it as change.

Elena: Thank you.

Seriph: You are the cause, effect and response, the seed of all things stemming from you.  You are only inert when you snuff out your inner light. Seed your true wholeness and flower ascendance. Goodbye.



[As a note, our non-physical friends often use visual elements on the “board” to communicate. To indicate a smile, they move the planchette to the picture of the sun and encircle or trace the sun’s smile.]