Restoring humanity’s true reflection

April 2, 2016

Restoring humanity’s true reflection.

One of the most wondrous revelations I’ve had since I began this journey is spirit’s perspective of us— humanity—and the experience of our physical life. The expansiveness and richness of our experience in the development of our souls. The fact that we are all beings of light, each unique but part of the collective too.

Last October, our dear friend Khaled expressed this ever so eloquently, “So let us leave you with this—find in the sky a distant star and hold it in your heart. You now hold all within you that has ever existed. Is this not magic? Delicious magic that permeates the core of all that you are. When you feel this raw creativity of pure existence, light becomes your life force. Starlight within all of humanity, as powerful, brilliant, and numerous as the sky above. Now live with the pure intent of your nature, in love.”

Beautiful isn’t it?  And, yet it seems rather paradoxical. There’s so much violence, hatred, and suffering that exists in our world. How can mankind possibly reflect this ‘starlight’ considering our current reality? Well, it’s about seeing in another’s eyes the true light of our own souls. Think about that. An impossible feat?! No, we are assured that we each have the capacity to do so; it’s just a decision, nothing more. Restoring humanity’s true reflection is possible. But collectively, we must change the prism of how we view each other and our world.

Today, my cousin Sky joins us and with her, a special friend Estrella. She is a welcomed addition to our regular board members and we feel honored that she shared her perspective and invited us to view ourselves (even if just a quick glimpse) in a different way.

Estrella: Smooth, scintillating, soothing, this is the deliciously textured nature of reality. The question-can you, la humana, accept of this?

Elena: I think it would be difficult to accept this with the current state of our world…with the violence, poverty, etc.

Estrella: It is rather a reflection of many millennia of mankind’s misconception of self. It is with both amusement and compassion that we watch mankind gasp at falling stars and rush to collect fallen fragments of meteorite or gaze bewildered into the vastness of space when they are themselves surrounded with beauty incarnate. Do you not yet know that you are all fallen stars permeating light?

How else can you expect to transform the face of hate? When you can say that you love the Stalin’s, Hitler’s, and Amin’s of the world, then you begin to restore humanity’s true reflection.

Elena: I think we are light years away from truly understanding this.

Estrella: You are closer now than ever have you been. But this broken reflection remains.

Sky: So how can I help?

Estrella: Human experience is a collective one. What humans have failed to realize is that you are all reflections of each other. In choosing to negate each other’s innate value, you accept the mantle of self disdain. However, to love another without expectation is to see in another’s eyes the true light of your infinite soul.

Sky: That’s profound…

Estrella: Yes! We pose to you—can you live, truly live, to see and love others?

[We each considered this question and felt we could.]

Estrella: Another question—take note Eryn—can you love Donald Trump? [Eryn gasps.] How else can you expect to transform the face of hate? When you can say that you love the Stalin’s, Hitler’s, and Amin’s of the world, then you begin to restore humanity’s true reflection.

Elena: I don’t know if that’s even possible.

Estrella: It is a decision, nothing more. Like loving oneself, no?

Elena: But do we even have the capacity to do that?

Estrella: You do. All do. You have been all raised to view each other, yourselves, and the world, through this prism that has been fractured. But all have the innate ability to just as easily turn around and see all for all that it is, truly.  But turning takes effort, the effort to accept that perspective can change.