Honoring our collective origins

July 9, 2016

Honoring our collective origins.

It’s the first week of July and we ended another week of more senseless violence: the deaths of Philander Castile in Minnesota and Alton B. Sterling in Louisiana at the hands of the police.  Then there was the shooting of the Dallas policemen, said to be in retaliation. And all of this came on the heels of the Istanbul airport attack, leaving 45 people dead and 230 injured, the coordinated bomb attacks in Baghdad, and the ongoing violence in Syria to name a few.

So we are in a particularly somber mood today, wondering why there seems to be an escalation of violence and terrorism here and abroad. We wanted to make sense of all of this (if that’s even possible) and turned to our board members for their perspective.

They explained that what we were experiencing in our country is an acceleration of circumstances that have always existed, the systemic issue of oppression, racism, subjugation, and even annihilation of the Native Americans. Interesting how we conveniently leave this topic out of the conversation of civil liberties in our country, isn’t it?

But it goes far beyond the Native Americans. This is a persistent issue for all of mankind; it is humanity’s systemic shadow since the beginning of time. Consider the subjugation of Africans, the cradle of humanity. Consider the subjugation of the areas of Iran, Iraq, and Syria—the “fertile crescent”—regarded as the birthplace of modern human civilization. Even before the time of Alexander the Great, rulers of the West have destroyed ancient cities, and the peoples and culture that thrived there. And yet, this is a continued legacy honored today, we were reminded. So it comes down to a simple question of what it is to value our collective origins. It begins here.

We hope this discussion offers a broader perspective for you to consider. How can you honor your origins and begin to heal the systemic shadow that humanity now faces?


Khaled: Today, we come to you in the highest amplitude of joy for certain circumstances that are now presenting themselves are questioning the nature of joy’s existence in the face of injustice.

Elena: Thank you Khaled. So, is there an acceleration of all these events?

Khaled: Yes and no. Let us illuminate, dear ones. What you are now experiencing is an acceleration of circumstances that have always existed. The question now is how open to seeing (them) have you been?

Elena: I know that police brutality has been going on for a long time and that it is coming more to our attention now as people are catching these acts on video and sharing them on social media.

Khaled: In this country the nature of freedom has always been brought into public consciousness at inverse dialogue to the oppression that is already occurring.

Eryn: I think it’s interesting how you bring up the word “inverse.” Perhaps you means that when we feel the need to talk about freedom and it comes to the fore in our public consciousness, it’s reversely related to the oppression that is occurring?

The issue of oppression, racism, subjugation, and even annihilation of the first nations is a topic conveniently left out of the conversation of civil liberties in this country historically.

Khaled: The issue of oppression, racism, subjugation, and even annihilation of the first nations is a topic conveniently left out of the conversation of civil liberties in this country historically. These issues are systemic issues that need to be brought to bear. It is akin to covering a gaping wound with cloth with out first lancing the wound. If not addressed only infection, weeping, festering and rotting can occur.

Elena: [presenting a popular sentiment] People would say that we have addressed these injustices … what we did to the native Americans.

Khaled: Have you?

The annihilation of the first nations is a topic conveniently left out of the conversation of civil liberties in this country historically.Elena: I think that could be the general consensus. Many people and our government would say that we’ve enacted legislation and given back land to the native tribes. In doing so, they feel our country has eased its conscience in some way.

Khaled: If you are forcibly taken from your home, driven into the wilderness, displaced, disenfranchised, and after many years you are, ‘allowed’ to return only to discover that it is burnt, the walls are crumbled, the trees have been hacked down, the pipes broken, water is poisoned and the place where Bella (Bella was our dog who passed away 4 years ago) has been buried has been despoiled, would its return be enough? Even as you watch your neighbor lynched in their front yard? This is the systemic energy of which we speak.

Elena: Yes, agreed. And, when you think about that and what we’re doing in the Middle East, I can only imagine the systemic energy we are perpetuating for our country.

Khaled: There is much healing to be done here. There is much that must be brought to here.

Elena: So how can we make this right?

Eryn: Yes, what can we [as individuals and as a country] specifically do?

Khaled: Being with the energy. Then begin with acknowledgement. We invite you both to enter an energetic healing with your guides present. You both have had lives of oppression from an invading force as a native person [referring to our previous lives]. This presents an opportunity to heal the energy tied to this theme and explore the powerlessness that is not been resolved in the sphere of the collective consciousness currently.

Elena: Are we heading towards some kind of apex that will serve as a jolt for mankind to wake up? Is this the momentum I’m sensing with Brexit, the increased terrorist attacks, the bombings, in addition to what is happening in our country?

Khaled: Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. The public voice sings a merry tune, catchy, no? Always listen to yourself as much as you do others. What is being said is far more revelatory. We should now invite Marguerite’s consciousness for the message we should like to impart.

-Marguerite joins the board-

Marguerite: We address you now with a reunion of balance and cosmic love which you two have allowed into being in your great co-creation. It is we, Khaled and Marguerite, we are here in infinite love for all of humanity. What you now see is a persistent issue for all of mankind and it is rather simplistic once you are aware. It is the question of what it is to value your collective origins. And honouring them. Simple, no?

Let us discuss the violence pervasive in the African American community. Are not the African Americans descendants of the very first humans?

Elena: Yes.

Marguerite: And yet historically, following the ancient diaspora of humans, the historical constant has been the rape of humanity’s nursery. Humanity’s mother.

Elena: So should this cradle of humanity, this birthplace, be the focus of that healing energy?

The goddess has long been subjugated.Marguerite: It is all, dear Elena. This is humanity’s systemic shadow. This is the importance of the Aquarian age as summoning in a return to a cosmic balance of male and female energies. The goddess has long been subjugated. Now is this importance for feminine power to shape the future, as a force to redress the male voice of creation. See in the destruction and turmoil of the Middle East indicative of this as well. In the following perspectives consider this systemic issue-the areas of Iran, Iraq, and Syria, the fertile crescent, are widely regarded as the birthplace of modern human civilization. Yet, for as many years even prior to the time of Alexander of Macedonia, human rulers of the west have sought little justification to destroy ancient cities, and destroy the peoples and culture that thrived there. This is a continued legacy honoured today.

On the other hand, see how the persecution of the men in these cultures—the violence, the slavery, the dehumanization of these men—has bred historically and the religious supported practice of subjugating and violating the feminine principle. This continues today. In this fraught land of blood and rhetoric, these young and old men see the rape of their home and feel justified in raping the women who become family. This is a true universal plague. For how can you know of your higher self, your connection to spirit, your connection to the collective of humanity, when you have been born of and raised with the devaluation of your very own origin?

If you do not value and honor your origins, whether it be spirit, family, community, mother earth, et al., how can you possibly embrace your divine potential as humans?

This is the essential truth, dear ones, if you do not value and honour your origins, whether it be spirit, family, community, mother earth, et al., how can you possibly embrace your divine potential as humans? How can you act with love, when you do not love the spark of your creation, the physical manifestation of all that you are in this life at this very moment, this incarnation, sacred, never to exist again in all the infinite possibility of the multi-dimensional universe?

It begins here. We invite you to look retrospectively at the past week and see what may come to the fore in the midst of these confused narratives.

We invite you to begin to view this theme as it relates to these topics humanity now considers. Further consideration will reveal the roles you will play in this grand co-creation and what can be done on the part of all peoples.